Last week of VP#2

In this time, we collected interviews for one of our close friends and ourselves(Hyun jeong took one more video, so totally 9 video clips were made in this day). Through three weeks, we totally get interview from 18 people(including us). We tried to be fair in dividing works to do, so we decided to take videos of … More Last week of VP#2

Jeju ponies

This pony is in Jeju It was very gentle. I had a good standard food. I tried the experience was unforgettable experience tadeun pony. I would like to see come back.    

Mini 4WD!!

Last weekend was a visit to Yongsan Tamiya. It had a Mini 4wd used to play when I was a kid. The former was a long time I think. Purchase one was assembled. This was a very pleasant and great memories.